COVID and its Variants in California – Latest Updates

COVID and its Variants in California – Latest Updates

Although over 80% of Californians have been at least partially vaccinated, we still haven't beat COVID-19 and its variants like Delta.


We must abide by preventative measures to help reduce the spread of COVID, especially among the most vulnerable ones like children under 12 and older adults.

These measures include:

  • Getting the COVID vaccine
  • Taking a COVID test if you feel sick
  • Staying home if you feel sick
  • Wearing masks if you’re able to
  • Taking a COVID test if your work requires you to


California Cases

Holiday travel and gatherings have fueled COVID cases during 2021. California seemed to plateau after the restrictions were lifted on June 15, 2021, but we have seen another surge in COVID cases since the summer began.


The Delta Variant

Delta is still the variant of most concern, as it is highly contagious and produces an array of symptoms. To learn more about this variant click here.

In Los Angeles, Pediatric ICU’s are filling up quickly, especially with children under the age of 12. This is also happening at the California-Oregon line, where some hospitals are being pushed to capacity.

Even in Orange County, the death rate has gone higher as Delta cases have increased. This is the biggest curve we've seen since the winter surge after the holidays.


The Lambda Variant

While the Lambda variant (or C.37) has been found in California, it is not listed as a variant of major concern—the most concerning is still Delta. However, by practicing safety measures on your own you’ll receive the most protection possible against any variant.


Will Being Vaccinated Help Against Delta, Beta, or Lambda?

While the risk is low, it is possible to get infected with COVID or its variants even while vaccinated. However, the vaccine would still provide you with valuable protection. Most of the vaccinated individuals who get infected with COVID do not get severe symptoms.

As of now, the Pfizer vaccine has been fully approved by the FDA. This allows the vaccine to be distributed after the public health emergency ends.


General Safety Recommendations:

  • Do not lose your vaccination card or assume others are vaccinated
  • Get tested if you are sick
  • Wear a mask when you travel
  • Look up COVID hotspots and exposure areas on your phone
  • Meet online, whenever possible


We will provide more information as it becomes available.

If you’d like to schedule a COVID Group Testing Event or if you need to take a COVID test, please click here.