Reasons for invoices received from PMH:


We understand many families are receiving invoices for their COVID testing. Please do not be alarmed as this is our attempt to collect our costs paid by carriers to patients. There are NO out of pocket costs for our clients/patients. 

Reasons for invoices received from PMH:

1) The patient’s insurance information needs to be submitted or corrected. Please call 800-877-9236 M-F 7am-5pm MST, or email Lauren Layne at   and cc:   .  When sending emails, please make sure the patients name, account number, Date of service, and/or Date of Birth are on the email to locate the account.

2) The carrier (Blue Cross Blue Shield of California) directly paid the patient instead of PMH. In these instances where checks were sent to the patient it was indicated that the payment is owed to the medical provider, being PMH. These amounts should be paid back to PMH by the patient. If patient didn’t receive payment, they should check with their carrier or submit their EOB to  and cc:  for review. For questions call 800-877-9236. 

3) If payment was endorsed to PMH or a personal payment was sent to PMH prior to the invoice and was not credited on the invoice.  It was due to the following reason:

    1. The insurance information relayed to PMH is not accurate/was not received.
    2. The insurance information does not have your child’s(ren’s) name directly associated with it.
    3. The insurance carrier sent you a check for a different family member not named.

4) If patient didn’t receive payment they should check with their carrier or submit their EOB to email Lauren Layne at   and cc:   for review.  For questions call 800-877-9236.

We understand this is frustrating but, in our effort, to keep up with the testing demand we are just now getting to reconcile these issues.  We are working hand in hand with all parties to resolve all scenarios listed above.  We appreciate your patience.