PMH's Laboratory, places the needs of each individual patient first and foremost. Through quality testing, great personal care and the promptness of service, we will demonstrate the importance of meeting your needs. Over the next few months, this area of our website will grow to include useful Patient Education information, a list of Patient Service Centers, Frequently Asked Questions and directions to any of our laboratory facilities. We hope you will make this web site the focal point of your ongoing medical reference needs.

Patient Service Center

PMH Laboratory, Inc.

5862 Edinger Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Fax: 909-803-9790

Draw Stations

St. Juliana Health Center

5168 North Orange Grove Ave.
Pomona, CA 91767
Fax: 909-803-9790


Patient Education & Information

PMH Laboratory is committed to providing quality healthcare to the community it serves. This includes keeping our patients and doctors well informed about current health issues. Below are links to websites that provide credible and useful information to keep our community healthy and well informed.

California Department of Public Health
Florida Department of Public Health
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Top Websites for Blood Test Preparation

Test Preparation: Your Role

After all, it is a sample from your body (blood, urine, or some other specimen; ... Certain instructions for test preparation may sometimes be elaborated on ...


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