What we do for Laboratory Medicine Consumers

PMH Laboratory, Inc. is a clinical diagnostic laboratory that offers a comprehensive range of routine esoteric and substance abuse testing services. We provide accurate and reliable results for providers to interpret for their patients health and wellbeing.

Along with our testing services our staff includes a consulting physician for both provider and patients.

Where we serve

PMH Laboratory's commitment to service California and Florida excellence begins with a well-trained, well-educated staff that understands the needs of the medical community.  Additionally our support and consultation of our Pathologist's we are able to provide the highest quality service in laboratory testing.

Advanced Laboratory Testing Technology

PMH's Laboratory employs state-of-the-art instrumentation systems that allow hundreds of tests per day to be performed with unmatched precision and efficiency.

Information Technology

Laboratory Information system (LIS)

PMH Laboratory's LIS opens new windows for the lab in flexibility, communication, and security.

Flexibility - LIS software is configured to meet the specific needs of the Physicians.

Communication - LIS seamlessly communications with physicians and other health care providers,  both by the web-based lab test requisitions and patient lab test result reports and for an interactive interface with other information systems including.

Security - LIS provides complete set of security and quality control tools, enabling security needs of your facility as well HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

LIS Reporting

View Sample ReportConsolidated Patient Result Report [view PDF sample]

A concise view of a patient's results is provided in this report. The report meets regulatory requirements for patient charting. Abnormal results are clearly identified.

  1. Cumulative Patient Result Report
    This report tracks a patient's testing history. Results can be presented in portrait or landscape formats. Abnormal results and notes are clearly indicated, and each requisition is identified by date, ordering physician, and accession number.
  2. Result Summary Report (Graph)
    This report is used to track trends and support patient counseling. It provides a graph of test results over a specified period of time, and can include a table of individual test results.
  3. Requisition Listing Report
    This concise report lists what work was completed, what is still pending, when it was completed, and who performed the testing. The report can be selected for a range of dates and for specific physicians. CPT and ICD9 coding information can also be provided.
  4. Out of Range Summary Report (Abnormals)
    This report can be used to review lab results that are outside of the defined reference ranges. You can request either all out of range results or just those results that are outside the critical limits.
  5. Out of Range Report

Epidemiology Reports: LIS offers two epidemiology reports with population statistics. The first lists individual patient results; the second provides information for each reference range. These reports provide information on specific groups of patients and can be filtered by date, test, physician, patient gender, or by other criteria.