Everyone Should Get a COVID Test - Here Is Why

Everyone Should Get a COVID Test - Here Is Why

The Latest CDC Guidelines

Although the CDC had previously stated that fully vaccinated individuals did not need to get tested for COVID unless they were experiencing symptoms, the latest guidelines state that vaccinated people should get tested regularly. 

 The reason is that there has been an increasing number of vaccinated people that have contracted the virus, especially the Delta variant. Many of these people do not show symptoms, but they can still infect others.

In addition, the CDC also stated that fully vaccinated people need to wear masks indoors, especially in areas with high transmission rates of the virus. Whether or not you are vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask if you or someone in your household has an underlying condition, or if their immune system is otherwise compromised.

Contact With Someone With COVID

If you have been in contact with someone who has COVID, you should wear a mask at least for 14 days, socially distance, and follow all the safety guidelines. If your test comes back positive, you will need to isolate for 10 days, even from the members of your household.

The unfortunate reality is that there are still millions of people who have not been vaccinated. 46% of counties in the US have a “high transmission rate,” and 17% have “substantial transmission,” both of which are dangerous.

Different Than 2020

After a year and a half of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are ready to return to normalcy, put away the masks, and go outside. However, with the new Delta outbreak, it does not look like going back to the ‘old days’ will be possible just yet. Doctors feel for the population, who must be “frustrated” and “tired” at this point. We can only imagine how the doctors and other health front-liners providers feel.

Last Tuesday, President Biden stated that unlike in 2020, we have more scientific information, tools, and measures of protection. He does not think we will go back to a complete lockdown unless people do not take the vaccination and testing seriously.

Most hospitalizations, current complications, and deaths have occurred among unvaccinated populations (and most in low-vaccination rate areas). Whether or not you are vaccinated, you should take a COVID-19 test as soon as you are able to, especially if you have been going outside. We still need to protect ourselves and others, and by doing our part, we will be able to put an end to this pandemic soon.

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